Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Capitol Hill Murder Leads to Mental Evaluation

One of the most recent incidences to be dominating headlines in Seattle is the November 22nd murder of Joseph LaMagno, who fell victim to a fatal attack in the Capitol Hill neighborhood. LaMagno was attacked on 14th and E. Union Street by a stranger, Michael LaRosa, who approached Lamagno and struck him in the head with what was described by witnesses as a pick-ax. SPD later determined the weapon to be a hatchet when it was found nearby. The 26 year-old LaRosa, who had left a grocery store at the same time as Lamagno, attacked him around 10:30 am that morning. LaRosa fled before police tracked him, finding him in an alley near the scene. Although there were numerous witnesses, whether or not there was a verbal exchange nor the length of the attack could not be determined. LaRosa had been previously booked three times this year under charges of assault and domestic violence, the latter in connection with a recent ex girlfriend who now has a restraining order. According to the ex-girlfriend, LoRosa has a history of mental instability which coincidentally is now his biggest defense in this latest case. LoRosa’s defense attorney has requested the arraignment to be postponed until he is mentally evaluated by state health experts. LoRosa’s half-brother told The Seattle Times that Michael was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia over ten years ago and was no longer being medicated when the attack took place. LaRosa was also on probation, but the Seattle Municipal Court declined to comment on probationary supervision. LaRosa’s arraignment date is rescheduled for December 28th.

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