Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Century-Old Businesses

The Seattle Times recently released an article profiling three Seattle-based businesses that have managed to survive for over a century. The three, among only about 100 companies over a century old, are credited for their long-standing according to three traits: 1. It’s all in the family. 2. Stable management and long time employees. 3. Ownership of property on which the company sits. According to this description, it’s no wonder that Ewing and Clark has managed to stay around this long in the competitive real estate brokerage business. Ewing and Clark got its start in 1900 on the foundation of Calhoun, Denny, and Ewing which began in Seattle in the 1880s. Ewing and Clark, Inc. is owned by Chairman John Brian Losh, who started with the company almost 40 years. After gradating from the University of Washington, Losh bought the company from the third generation Ewing known by his nickname: Bud. Losh recently passed on the role of CEO to son, John Casey Losh, in October of this year. Casey joined the company in 2004 after he had a five year tenure as a tax consultant with Deloitte here in Downtown Seattle. The familial ties don’t end there. Both father and son have spouses working within Ewing and Clark, Brian’s wife Betsy who is a managing broker at our Madison Park office, and Casey’s wife Kristine, who is also at the Madison Park office. A number of other employees within Ewing and Clark have known the Losh family since childhood and are loyal to the company’s long-standing traditions as well. We hope Ewing and Clark and other century-old, family-owned companies continue to thrive!

Congratulations to Nelson Trucking, Manson Construction and Mutual Materials.


Ewing & Clark, Inc.- "Real Estate Service Since 1900"


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