Wednesday, July 31, 2013

30 Reasons to Call Seattle Your Home

Those of us who grew up in Seattle can easily gush about our beautiful mountains, our clean air, craft IPAs, and coffee shops on every corner. We can easily come up with a slew of reasons why someone considering the big move should take that leap and call Seattle their home, and the folks over at Movoto have compiled the perfect list of reasons that could (and should) convince anyone they need to move to our city. Along with the obvious reasons listed above, this fun filled list includes everything from ferry rides, Tom Douglas restaurants and a loyal fan-base of unpredictable sports teams, it also includes things like “ours dogs are treated like people” (or better) and it’s totally normal to have a city chicken coop- because who doesn’t want farm fresh eggs for breakfast?We love the rain, we have a huge indie underground music scene, and we can travel to a beach, climb a mountain, visit wine country or hike through a forest all within 30 minutes of the city. Need we say more? If you’re thinking about moving to Seattle, or have friends who need a little convincing, check out the rest of the items on their list, and add a few of your favorites for a personal touch. If you're looking for places to live in and around Seattle, contact your local Real estate agent today.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Seattle's Most Kid-Friendly Neighborhoods

Seattle Neighborhood Map
Moving with your family on top of trying to figure out logistics can quickly become a full time job (or recurring nightmare), so doing some research before the big move is essential. You’ll want to research the school districts in the area, and find out what is most important to your family such as a shorter commute, or close proximity to parks and shopping.
Seattle Kids
Seattle has several neighborhoods that are highly populated with families, and there are also several neighborhoods where people under the age of 18 are fairly scarce. According to an article in the Seattle Times and their data source Experian, the Laurelhurst neighborhood has the highest population of children at 29.3%, and has 11 times more children as the Belltown neighborhood (2.6%). Other family friendly neighborhoods include South Beacon Hill (26.9%), North Seattle’s View Ridge (26%), and Mt Baker (25.3%).
Seattle Children
The neighborhoods with the lease number of children include the University District (3.3%) Downtown Seattle (3.2%) and Lower Queen Anne (3.6%).
There are also neighborhoods such as Capitol Hill (8%) and Portage Bay (7.8%) that are in the middle, both lightly populated with children, but  also have a high number of young adults without children.
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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Seattle Rental Rates Continue to Rise, Mortgage Rates at Historic Low

Over the past year, there has been more new construction for apartments than over the past two decades, but rental rates in Seattle seem to be unaffected. According to the Seattle Times, vacancy rates continues to remain low, and while the price retention doesn’t sit well with renters, the nearly 2,000 new apartments that filled quickly over the past year indicates a healthy rental market. Over the past few months the average rental rate rose to $1,190, and the vacancy rate in the city is set at 4.41%. Many are concerned that the overbuilding will affect rates, as a percentage of current renters are expected to become home buyers in the near future, but that didn’t seem to happen this year.
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Many attribute this to the influx of employment opportunities in the city with Amazon Microsoft, and Google, setting the bar higher for an increase in employee housing, thus creating a greater need in Seattle’s rental market.While rental rates continue to rise in the area, mortgage rates have remained at historic lows, and prices have started to rise, making it the perfect time to buy, or sell your home.