Thursday, August 22, 2013

Tips to Redecorating Your Family Room

EC3If you’re looking into a full family room update with new furniture, a fresh coat of paint, and accessories beginning the process can be very exciting, but also quite expensive. If you’re getting tired of looking at the same space everyday, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the difference a little change can make. The folks over at Zillow have compiled a list of a few changes to consider when redecorating on a budget that won’t break the bank. The first change that can surely drastically change the look and feel of the space is giving it a fresh coat of paint – and if you have a large family room that will require alot of paint, try painting only an accent wall to spice things up. A splash of a vibrant color on one wall can create a drastic change, and is relatively affordable. Try neutrals if you’re painting the whole room, and try something bold or bright if you’re choosing an accent wall.
Updating the mill work can be a game changer many don’t initially think about when beginning the decorating process, but new crown molding, or larger baseboards can really make a difference. Choosing a new rug can also spice up a room, even a new rug layered over your carpet can define a space. New furniture can of course completely change the look and feel of your room, and your wallet, but try searching for a new end table, or painting your coffee table a new bright color. You can also update accessories like pillows on your couch, or new lamps on your table to change the look and feel of the larger pieces of furniture. Without fail, getting rid of the items you don’t like or need in your room and cleaning it up can really make a huge difference as well. For more decorating tips on a budget, visit Zillow.


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