Wednesday, August 14, 2013

How Does Seattle Stack Up in Priciest Cities for New Parents?

seattle nowAny new parent can tell you that having children will cost you a pretty penny, but which cities will have new parents reaching deeper into their pockets? According to the Seattle Pi, the average cost for that first year for new parents is around $26,000 in the US after insurance, upgrading the house to make room,daycare and other expenses. Most parents factor in the cost of diaper runs, baby prepping the home and feedings etc, but some have trouble wrapping their head around the bigger expenses like expanding the home.
In Pi article, an agent reportedly reviewed the cost of adding an extra room, nine months of childcare, out of pocket cost for prenatal care, and first year of post delivery health care, as well as everyday items like diapers, strollers etc. when figuring out which US cities are the priciest for new parents. The stats are in, and the results might surprise you. The most expensive city for new parents was listed as San Jose, Calif. with a total cost for the first year reported to be $41,600. Out of the 20 cities listed, Chicago was the least expensive city for new parents, with a first year cost reported to be $25,500. Where does Seattle stack up among these cities? Seattle was listed as number 13 on the list, with an average first year cost reported to be $27,400 for new parents. To view a list of other US cities cost for new parents, visit the Seattle Pi today.


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