Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Possible Denial of 24 Story Towers in Lake Union

Skyscraper1After an unofficial vote, it seems that building 24-story towers near South Lake Union may not happen. The majority of the vote agreed that 160 feet or 16-story towers would be more sufficient for the area and not shadow Lake Union park, as a taller building would.
It is still being debated whether or not to tweak the incentive-zoning policy which allows developers additional height by paying a certain amount of money towards benefiting the public. Vulcan, who owns the property, pitched the idea of 24-story towers along with  Mayor Mike McGinn. Vulcan is evaluating the options and deciding whether or not to agree to the 16-story towers.
An official vote from the council on whether to rezone Lake Union or not will take place April 22. The deciding vote will determine if 24-story towers will be allowed or not.


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