Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Is SLU Too Expensive For Seattle Startups?

According to the Puget Sound Business Journal, Chris DeVore of Techstars and Founder Co-op predicts that South Lake Union is becoming too expensive for Seattle startups. Startups innately need inexpensive office space to get their company up and running, and the combination of the new Amazon towers and other large scale office buildings in South Lake Union are beginning to push startups out. So where will these new businesses flock? DeVore predicts the University District is the next big up and coming neighborhood to become popular for startups, and he is so confident that he’s moving both of his businesses in at the end of the year.
Photo by Wikimedia

He lists several strong points – the light rail will soon service the area, and it would be convenient to have all that tech talent from the University right outside your office doorstep. The City of Seattle is also planning on updating the U District’s zoning regulations to allow taller buildings, an enhancement that would likely attract larger office tenants. If you’re office is looking for new scenery, contact your local commercial real estate office today.


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