Wednesday, November 20, 2013

UW Approves New $123.5 Million Animal Research Facility

mouseDespite the number of protesters sitting in on the meeting Thursday, UW Board of Regents approved a new 2-story animal research facility to be built near the shore of Portage Bay. Protesters holding signs “No New Animal Lab” were not only upset about the fact that it was approved but also that the decision was made so quickly without much discussion. The board says that everything regarding the issue had been discussed in a previously held meeting. Two UW students who were among the 30 protesters there were aloud to comment on the vote. They hoped that the University of Washington would become a leader in phasing out animal experimentation which is becoming a growing trend throughout the United States. Harvard has announced plans to shut down its primate research center.
The number of animals being used in experiments has decreased substantially. While these numbers are decreasing, UW is making plans to make room for an increase in numbers of animals it will house for experimentation. It currently houses 650 monkeys and other primates with plans of making room for an additional 280 as well as doubling the number of pigs and up to 20 percent the number of rodents. UW’s animals are currently spread out at different locations in facilities not meant for animals to be kept in. The new underground facility will be a proper environment for the number of animals UW plans to accommodate.
UW feels that in order to continue medical research, animal experimentation is needed. UW does use alternatives to animal testing whenever possible. Animal-rights activists urge UW to reconsider there plans.


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