Wednesday, July 31, 2013

30 Reasons to Call Seattle Your Home

Those of us who grew up in Seattle can easily gush about our beautiful mountains, our clean air, craft IPAs, and coffee shops on every corner. We can easily come up with a slew of reasons why someone considering the big move should take that leap and call Seattle their home, and the folks over at Movoto have compiled the perfect list of reasons that could (and should) convince anyone they need to move to our city. Along with the obvious reasons listed above, this fun filled list includes everything from ferry rides, Tom Douglas restaurants and a loyal fan-base of unpredictable sports teams, it also includes things like “ours dogs are treated like people” (or better) and it’s totally normal to have a city chicken coop- because who doesn’t want farm fresh eggs for breakfast?We love the rain, we have a huge indie underground music scene, and we can travel to a beach, climb a mountain, visit wine country or hike through a forest all within 30 minutes of the city. Need we say more? If you’re thinking about moving to Seattle, or have friends who need a little convincing, check out the rest of the items on their list, and add a few of your favorites for a personal touch. If you're looking for places to live in and around Seattle, contact your local Real estate agent today.


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