Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Floating Homes, Life On Top of the Water

After Sleepless in Seattle put the Seattle Floating Homes Community on the map, people have been flocking to Seattle to seek out Tom Hank’s waterfront lifestyle. Many people dream about living near the waterfront, but few take the leap to actually live on top of the water. People living on the Lake Union waterfront community live in homes that sit on buoyant platforms that are docked and plugged into our electrical grid, and receive water and sewage services from the city.

Famed Sleepless in Seattle Houseboat

There are only a few floating home communities in the US, and the Seattle Floating Homes Association has helped the community to stay afloat today. People have been living in the community for over a century now, but life on the water was not as glamorous as it’s perceived today. According to CNN Money, the waterfront community used to be used for industrial purposes and shipping services. Sewage and waste was often dumped right  into the water where their homes sat! Today floating homes can sell for as little as $200,000- $2.8 million. For more information on currently floating homes for sale, click here.


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