Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Art Stable in Lake Union

Tuesday, I toured two amazing live/work spaces at the Art Stable in Lake Union, at 516 Yale Avenue N. Since its construction, the Art Stable in Lake Union has received multiple awards including the 2011 AIA Housing Award, and was named 2011 Project of the Year by Residential Architect Magazine. The 6-unit building was designed by Tom Kundig of Olson Kundig Architects, and all units came on the market for sale in 2010 as empty shells, allowing buyers to create their own unique space. The Art Stable is built on a site that was formerly a horse stable, hence the name.

Of the 6 units in Art Stable, only two remain. The units, #400 and #600, are incredible spaces that can be transformed in so many ways. They have floor to ceiling windows and large, industrial style metal “art windows” on the alley-side. These “art windows” (and multiple others) are hand-crank operated. The art window is referred to as a “gizmo”, a hand-operated device that literally moves a part of the building. Gizmos can be found in much of Kundig’s architecture. The purpose of the window, in coordination with the crane atop the roof, is to provide a space through which artists can bring their pieces into their units. Another cool feature is the geothermal heating and cooling systems in the building, which are very energy efficient. This is a more advanced system that hasn’t been used much in the U.S. As far as finishing the units, buyers can expect to pay at least $150/sf, depending on materials used.

From this great Lake Union location, building residents enjoy sweeping views of Downtown Seattle, the Olympic Mountains and Queen Anne Hill. The South Lake Union area is continuing to thrive with new developments, both residential and commercial. If you’re in the market for a great condominium or work space and want something different and unique, don’t hesitate to check out the Art Stable. Full listing details and photos can be found in the links below:

Unit #400
Unit #600


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