Friday, September 3, 2010

September in Seattle (and some other places)

September in Seattle always seems to be bitter-sweet for many of us (our feelings often influenced heavily by the weather). We say goodbye to the hot (if we’re lucky) days of summer and hello to the cooler temperatures of the autumn air (it’s official on Sept. 21st). We say farewell to our boats and sionara to our flip-flops, but hey and hello to our Northface jackets and better yet, football jerseys. Although September is the end-all to summer fun, there isn’t a better city to spend the month of September in. Here are some things you have to look forward to in September.

What’s a better way to kick off the first weekend of September than with a holiday?! The shouts and jumps of joy will be heard all over Seattle as we welcome the month with a three-day weekend. Labor Day is this coming Monday, Sept.6. We will spend it resting or celebrating, and if you’re lucky, joining in the festivities on the last day at Bumbershoot, Sept.6. Bumbershoot is Seattle’s 40th annual Music & Arts Festival taking place at the Seattle Center. Headliners include Mary J. Blige, Bob Dylan, and alternative rock band, Weezer.

The start of September also marks the drafting of fantasy football leagues everywhere with the official NFL Opening Kickoff 2010 ceremony taking place on Sept.9. We’re done watching the Seahawks practice at training camp and ready to see them play at Qwest! September also initiates the drone of cheering college students across the nation. That’s right, college football starts this first week and the first Husky ( game is this Saturday, Sept. 4 at BYU.

Calling all luxury real estate professionals, Seattle is hosting the 15th annual Fall Conference at the Four Seasons Hotel. If you have the distinction of being an exclusive member of our sister company, you will be enjoying featured speakers, real estate seminars and delicious cuisine on Sept. 20-22.

You can do it at a trot you can do it at a gallop you can do it real slow so your heart don’t palpitate….but you HAVE to do it-the Puyallup Fair! The biggest fair in Washington starts this month on Sept. 10 and lasts until Sept. 26 and has all the rides, stuffed animals and elephant ears one stomach can handle!

Ladies and gentlemen, break out your Dirndls and Lederhosen-the annual Fremont Oktoberfest is happening Sept. 24-26 with entertainment, bratwurst and biersteins galore! Don’t miss the chance to eat, drink, and be merry in the “Center of the Universe”.

September shouldn’t be a tearful goodbye to summer days, but an open-armed welcome to an undoubtedly fun month in the great Northwest. Happy almost-fall Seattle!

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