Wednesday, August 25, 2010

They're Back!!!!

They’re back…or did they ever leave? We wrote a blog about Jill Lane and James McClung back in June and their squatting in a $3.3 million Kirkland home. After Lane was arrested for criminal trespass, and released soon after, she announced to The Seattle Times from her Disneyland vacation that she was not done. Little news was written about them until another recent Seattle Times article reported that they have once again been attempting to claim possession of several more vacant homes that have fallen victim to bank failure. Although they have not yet moved in, the duo apparently signed letters placed on the doors of the targeted homes ordering a surrender of possession. While Ms. Lane spins themselves to be modern-day Robin Hoods, justifying taking from the evil banks and using their home proceeds to assist "people who are being brutalized by banks every day," most of us are left wondering what these people are thinking, and that includes the Kirkland police. According to above mentioned Seattle Times article, Capt. Mike Ursino stated, "McClung's thinking is that if he keeps trying, one day he's going to win and he'll miraculously have a million-dollar house. Meanwhile, everybody else goes out and works for what they’ve got.”


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