Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Exciting new condo project on Queen Anne

I am pleased to announce the near completion of an exciting new condo project on Dexter Avenue. 'The Block' is a 6-unit concrete and steel mixed use project designed by Stannard-Conway and Bloch Development. Concrete, wood panels, metal siding and a braced frame make up the palette of exterior materials for a contemporary design in an urban context. The interiors of each unit contain a double height living space, wood and steel stair that connects each floor to the roof deck. The residential units range from 2000-2400sf with huge roof decks. The front units enjoy panoramic views of Lake Union and downtown Seattle. The live/works are about 1,000sf with a cool spiral staircase, two baths, and separate garage. The design and finishes of these units are really spectacular. We're shooting for a grand opening the 2ND week of July. Stay tuned.....

Monday, June 22, 2009

Found it!

Here is the article I was looking for. Like I said in the previous post, the article basically says that Seattle's real estate market is in better shape than most because of our strict building standards and our geography (surrounded by water) limited the over building when compared to other cities.

See link for the entire article:

Looking for a real estate article and I found this fishy story...

I was looking for a real estate article on, where it talks about the health of the Seattle real estate market compared to the rest of the country. The basic gist (which I always thought was spelled "jist") of the article I was looking for is because of our stringent building standards and our geography (surrounded by water) Seattle will recover quicker than other U.S. cities. I will continue to look for online version of the article so I can link to it, but in the mean time I found this article: . In summary, this other article says that a veterinary convention invited our local celebrity fish tossers from the Pike Place Market to create a "team-building experience." But PETA raised concerns about it and now the plans are on hold. The article is not clear on this, but I think PETA is more concerned about the fish being treated as props at a convention than with fish being tossed across a counter to someone who is purchasing the fish to eat it.

Friday, June 19, 2009

King County Condominium Sales Data - May 2009 & 2008

I posted a blog ( ) on the rental data in the Northwest Multiple Service (NWMLS) which got me thinking about the residential condominium sales data. This is what I found per the NWMLS:

In May 2009, 322 condominiums sold in King County for a median price of $272,950 or $266 per square foot with a median of 54 days on the market.

In May 2008, 544 condominiums sold in King County for a median price of $287,700 or $295 per square foot with a median of 44 days on the market.